Three Tuesday meetings - April 2, 9 and 16.

90 minute classes for 4th-9th graders

Class 1 - 10:15-11:30
Our Constitution

A hands on class to learn about our amazing Constitution.  

Class 2 - noon- 1:30

Creative Writing

(We are voting on journalism, script writing or creative fiction.)

Each class is $50 (no materials fee)


Fall - Spring Classes Taught In My Home

On Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays

Times to be determined in June  

HORIZONS - This is a full-range English class for students in 4th and 5th graders.  It involves writing, reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, with fun projects to build success and the love of writing! Look out!  You won’t believe how kids are motivated to write in this class.  Time TBD  

JUMPSTART ENGLISH For Students in grades 6-7.  Meets in my home (day of the week and time to be determined).  Curriculum includes:  Writing (lots of fun projects), reading skills, creating a ME book, grammar (from a practical use point of view), individual spelling programs and vocabulary from literature.  Meets one day a week for one hour fifteen minutes.   Minimum of 4 students. Time TBD

FOCUS - For students in grades 7-8, this class offers a full-range of English skills including writing, writing and even more exciting types of writing, reading comprehension, a vocabulary program based on Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes, developing grammar, and an individual spelling program.  Ninth graders who take this class need some catch -up before taking a high school level class.  Seventh graders who take this class have usually been in my Jumpstart class.  I usually request a writing sample to see what class if best for your child.  If you are currently in Focus, you would either go to High School Concepts or Spectrum next.   Christie can discuss with you all of the options available for you to consider.  Minimum of 4 students.  Times TBD

PERSPECTIVES - This is a new class for  8th-12th graders which combines  History and Writing.  This is for kids who love history!   We will investigate  and encounter history during key times in our nation and the writing assignments will be based upon what we are studying at the time.  Should be a fairly strong writer to attend this class or have taken one of my English classes in the past.  First semester is dedicated to the constitution and the setting up our nation with a believe that our nation is a gift from God and our Constitution is very much alive and can serve our county well even today. The second semester will cover key times in history which shaped our nation and can teach us how to handle the concerns of today.  Times TBD.  

SPECTRUM - This class is for students in 8-10 grades.  It offers the full-English curriculum including developing writing to be prepared for high school,  reading comprehension,  vocabulary based on Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes, focused grammar studies, and an individual spelling program.  The next step after this class is High School Concepts.   TBD

HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH CONCEPTS - For students in grade 10-12 (some advanced 8th graders).  Meets in my home.  (day of the week and time to be determined).  Curriculum includes: reading comprehension and analysis, using a variety of novels, plays,  and short stories; various types of writing  preparing for college writing including:  highly developed paragraphs, essays, narratives, journalism, book reviews,  and a large research project;  vocabulary from roots, prefixes and suffixes, speech, and an individual spelling program.  Minimum of  4 students.  (Not offered in Fall, 2015- look to American Lit)    TBD

AMERICAN LITERATURE - Focusing on students in grades 10-12 who are headed to college, either running start or university in the next year, this class has no fancy name as none is needed.  The literature explored in this class is challenging and the focus is on college-level writing.  We move through American History through key pieces of literature for the times.  Students will be doing an involved research project on an American issue of their choice, also learning the “Miller Method,” something that they can use successfully in their college courses. Some pre-requisites and a writing sample needed to participate in this class.  Time and day TBD  

TUTORING - Specialized tutoring is available for students with specific goals or needs.  These sessions can be short-term or long term, be during the summer or in the school year, and are for students in grades 6-12. Preparing to take the Running Start English exam is one focus that is popular.  Catching a student up to grade level in certain skills is also a focus on tutoring.  These classes can be for one or two students if they are at the same skill level.  Tutoring is $35 an hour, and this fee can be split between two students.   Various requested times.  This can also be done  by telephone and email.  (By appointment)

Classes need a minimum of 4 students -maximum of 10.  
Class times will be determined by what works
for those who sign up first.  I try to have back to back classes for brothers and sisters.  

Class Fees:

 I have kept class fees very affordable. Students pay for an entire section at $14 per class.  Classes must have at least four students. If there are only 3 students in a class, then the  fee is $15 per class.

There is an additional non-refundable class deposit for materials and registration of $25 due when you sign up and for second semester as well.   It is recommended that you register  by June 15th  or before. Payments for the class can be divided into two payments.   One or two students registered for a class can move to another class or this class can become a tutoring situation and tutoring fees apply at $17.50 per class.

  Constitution Camp  
Students 9-15 years old  

  Later June for three days.   Tuesday - Thursday.  

  Meets at my home for three mornings 9:30-11:30 a.m.    $50.00

  Hands on curriculum to learn about our country and the “civics” of how it works.   Fun ways to   learn about how our government works, how it got its start and what it means to be a citizen.   AND, of course, we will be once again painting our gigantic map of the colonies (and maybe even   the United States) this summer!!  Click here to see photos of this event.

 This ends with a big “open house” for parents and families with a big camp fire to roast   marshmallows and show everyone our map.  This class is $50 for the three days including snacks.   To get the registration form for Constitution Camp, please click  below:

Registration For Home Classes

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registration form.

 2019 -2020 Class Schedule

Summer Sessions 2019:

Creative Youth Theater - July  8-20 - Performances  July 18 and 19 at 7 p.m. and July 20 at 1 p.m. Matinee.  

Hope in Christ Church   I-5 and Sunset.  Tickets at the door.

NEW SCHEDULE for English Classes:

Classes Starting in the Fall of 2019
and go through the end of March of 2020
First Semester - the week of Sept. 18-- Dec. 12  (12 weeks)  ($168 + reg. $25)

Second Semester  -  January 8-March 26, 2018   (12 weeks)  ($168 + reg. $25)

(With breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas,  ending  classes at the end of March.)  

April Special Class - We will be offering THE CONSTITUTION and a CREATIVE WRITING CLASS or JOURNALISM class.   


  2018 or check out 2019


For kids 6-17
To see photos, please visit the above web page!

Dude Ranch for Sale (Cow Pies Included) and Villains, Villains, Too Many Villains!

Photos from Summer 2011 and 2012  

Constitution Camp  

making the map!


For kids 9-15

May return in 2020.

Classes for 2019-20

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