Christie offers classes for kids in 4th-12th grades as well as   mentoring for parents and other English teachers in her home. She has taught for 37 years in public, private and home school venues, and her classes include: English, speech, drama, history, and Constitutional studies.  She  has a reputation for motivating students in fun ways especially in writing, as well as helping students prepare for college including the Running Start Program.  

Comments from parents about Christie:

Three of my sons have taken classes from Christie.  Her "Miller Methods" has helped to improve their vocabulary, spelling, writing and organizational skills. They have also learned Latin prefixes and suffixes and completed term paper projects that prepared them well for college level courses. My third son is enjoying her history and civics class so much, that he is thinking of becoming a prosecuting attorney. The peer reviews, oral reports, and group sessions are wonderful  experiences for home-schoolers. I would highly recommend her classes, as she adapts well to help any student of any level.         

Mrs. Kristin Uhrig

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My son went off to Whatcom, and I was worried he was not yet ready for a college experience.  He told me , “Mom, don’t worry. Mrs. Miller got me ready!”  And he was! He is doing really well!

She made learning a joy.  My son never seemed like he wanted to study or learn, but now he is so motivated!
She can get him to do anything without complaint.. That was huge to us!!   

My daughter loves to write, but she doesn’t understand the need for proper grammar. Mrs. Miller turned that around- and she actually listened to her which she would never do for me!!  

We didn’t know what to do…..and now we are so glad that we signed our son up for tutoring with Mrs. Miller.  She knows how to capsulize the specific skills he needed to move on and to be ready for college

Between the stories, the reports, the paragraphs and essays…….

my daughter has grown by leaps and bounds.

in her writing.

Thanks, Mrs. Miller

Don’t even stop to think another minute about signing your child up for one of Mrs. Miller’s class….
just do it.  You’ll have no regrets

I didn’t think my son would like history, but I knew he needed to get some background of our country.  Mrs. Miller made the class exciting, and it is the first homework he does each night.

My son greatly enjoys Mrs. Millers class.  I know this because he looks forward to it every week.  He even asked me recently if Mrs. Miller was going to retire after this year.  I asked him why he asked that question, and he said it was because he wanted her to continue to be his teacher in the future.

"My daughter attended Mrs. Miller's Jumpstart English class. As I observed her teaching style, I was immediately impressed by her command of the classroom. She brought the best out of each student. It takes a seasoned teacher to respond to different learning styles in one classroom while giving each child an equal amount of attention. My son is now the recipient of this talented teacher's gifts also, and is equally impressed by her creativity and positive encouragement.
Thank you, Mrs. Miller!"

She challenged my daughter, and inspired her to believe in herself.  She made learning fun, and that

really excited my

daughter.  How she motivates those kids is beyond me!


A personal MENTORING

program for English teachers

Or homeschool parents  who are new or who feel “stuck.”  

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 A Positive Motivator!

Veteran teacher..........


Classes and tutoring sessions are taught in her country home near Mt. Baker Hwy. and the
Everson-Goshen Road.

Costs for her home classes are very reasonable with some “exchanges” possible for fees.  

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