Equipping For Excellence

A personal mentoring program for English teachers who are new or who feel “stuck.”  

Also, home schooling moms who need some ideas!



Complete Novel Units

Unique Vocabulary and

Spelling Programs.

Practical Grammar

Writing Programs
which help students grow in

their skills two years

 in one year.**

**When I was teaching in a public school in California, I designed a program for writing where my students grew two years in one year.  I was asked to share this program county and then state-wide.  

         I began my teaching career at a Christian school with five different preps. As if that was not enough of a challenge,  I was also faced with no books and no materials ready to use. I’ve spent years designing curriculum that my students have uses to take great strides in their English skills.

     I have been creating lesson plans over the 36 years of my teaching career, and for the last  12 years I have been sharing these ideas with other teachers with rave reviews!

    I have so many ready-to-use proven materials for teachers of grades 4-12!  (Just ask my husband who has had to move these heavy file cabinets the many times we have moved!)       If you come to a Mentoring Day you can go home over-loaded with great ideas and materials ready to copy and use with your students.  

       I know as I think about ending my teaching career soon, that it would be a shame to close up my file cabinets. That’s why, with the encouragement of many others, I have decided to open up a mentoring program to come along side English teachers.


1.  On the web page Teachers Pay Teachers - https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/



 2. This new Mentoring Program at my home or at your school for a group of teachers.  

$100 per individual.  Call me for group prices.

Each teacher will come home loaded with grade-related lesson plans ready to copy and  use the very next day.  

10-4 on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Lunch included at my home.

I can also coach them on using their time and energy in the classroom effectively as well as ideas for classroom control.  My ideas are designed to inspire students to learn with confidence and to love writing!  


Contact Information
For Christie Miller

2818 Martin Road

Bellingham, WA  98226



Next class is JANUARY 6th. Contact me for  other upcoming dates.

Mentoring Class!   

My Goal Is
 To Make Learning
 A Joy!