Offered by Christie Miller in Whatcom County in May Each Year

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (grades 3-8) and the Iowa Tests of Educational Development (grades 9-11) will be offered according to the schedule below. The students will be tested in small groups of 15-20.  I know testing can be very tense for some kids, but I try to make it a pleasant experience.  Some even say it is fun!


          WHA Members = $32 for the first child –  $28 for each additional child

            WHA Non-members = $38 for the first child –   $32 for each additional child

     Add $10 to the fee is you choose to take the Science and Social Studies portions of the test.  

                          $5 per family LATE FEE if registration not received by April 15.  


          Tests will be given at my home in the county near Everson-Goshen Rd and Mt. Baker Hwy .2818 Martin Road.   (Directions: Everson-Goshen Road to Smith Road -right; left at Mission;  right on Goshen;   left at Roberts Road;  right at Martin (first house. If you need directions from a different end of town, please email me.)

TEST PREVIEW DAY - We will be offering  a test preview day : April 9 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. At my home  (2818 Martin Road, Bellingham).  This Preview Day  will be held at my home.   If you prefer, I have also compiled  a list of information that is on the test for  each grade level. CLICK HERE.   


     HIGH SCHOOL - Grades 9-11 -High school tests can be completed in one testing day.  

      If you wish to take the Science and Social Studies portions of the test which are not included on regular testing days, a special time has been set up:  May 23rd at 1 -2:15.  Grades 5-12 may be included in this test.   If you choose to do that, there is a  $10.00 additional fee.   If you are testing to qualify for Honors Scholarships, you will need to take the entire test.   


 Homeschool Testing Dates and Times -2019  

“A” - May 8 - Weds.  High School grades 9-11  –   12:15-3:30                                    (One session)  

“B” - May 23 Thursday -  High School Grades 9-11  -

                           9:15 am -12: 30 (One session)

“C” - May 15 and May 22 Weds.  Day 1 - 12:45-3:45   
                           Day 2 - 12:45-3    Grades 5-8

“D” - May 9 and May 16  Thursdays   Day 1 -  9 am-12     

                             Day 2   9-11:00   Grades 5-8

“E” - May 9 and 16 Thursday Day 1 - 12:45-3:45  

                     Day 2 - 12:45-3    Grades 5-8

“F” May 15 and 22 - Weds.   Day 1  - 9 am-12   

                           Day 2 - 9 - 11:30  Grades 3 and 4


                        Thursday - 1-2:15   Grades 5-12  

                                ($10 extra fee)  

** 4th graders may test with grades 5-8 IF siblings are in this section.  

NOTE: If you have a 4th grader who has a sibling in the 5-8th grade, they may come to the testing with the 5-8th graders, however I suggest they test with the F (grade 3-4 section.  It will give our child a little more time and a more relaxed atmosphere.

         If your child may need additional time to finish the test, I suggest registering for  an afternoon session.    

QUESTIONS: Christie Miller  966-0203  


               Call me if these times don’t work for your children.

About Christie Miller - Christie has been an English  teacher for 37 years and has taught homeschoolers for the last 19 years to grades 4-12.  She has administered this test  seven different years, and is delighted to offer this for homeschooling parents.  

Please let me know on the registration form if your child has special concerns.   


Click here to see items to be included in each grade level.
 on each grade level test.